Bitcoin and cryptocurrency services

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency services

Strong from more than 9 years of experience in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, I’m well placed to know that the space can be overwhelming even to the most tech-savvy persons, to say the last. Amount of energy to understand and be comfortable with a wallet, exchange service and all kind of app and services related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency could postpone your decision to step in. Or maybe the fear that a scam, a phishing attack or just a simple mistake or misunderstanding would lead to a partial or total loss of your asset is keeping you away from it.

In fact when someone knows where to start, what to look for and the good practices to have, the possibilities to use these technologies in the right way are at reach of most people able to do simple tasks on a computer or a smartphone.

I offer to bring my experience to coach you in adopting and using Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, decentralized services, Metaverse and NFT technologies in the way you wish. Some non-exhaustive examples of my services are:

For individual

  • Choose the appropriate cryptocurrency for a given usage
  • Choose a wallet and getting assisted in the initial setup
  • Receive and send coins for the first time
  • Understand how to read transactions in a blockchain explorer
  • Define the backup strategy of your wallets for your risk profile
  • Define how to buy and sell cryptocurrency for your profile
  • Use of web3 apps and services from Metaverse to decentralized finance
  • Help to acquire and store NFTs
  • Help to setup and use multi-signatures wallets
  • Avoid mistake, scam, hack and attacks

For small business

  • Same as for individual with specific training for staff members
  • Define an appropriate solution to accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin over the Lightning Network and other cryptocurrencies as payment for online and physical shops, crowdfunding, donation and other paid services
  • Definition of a simple setup to make first tests on low volume of transactions before deployment of the complete solution

Disclaimer – what I cannot offer

  • I don’t give any financial or investment advice
  • I don’t help to use any technologies or tool to promote or support illegal activities
  • Any person who would like to use an app or service, or follow a method or instruction given by me (or not) in any possible way, is fully responsible to double check the accuracy and veracity of the given information and the legitimacy and risks of any app, code, smart-contract or services that the person decide to use. I would however help you to be able to check as much as possible by yourself.
  • As much as I care to check everything to the limit of my knowledge and experience and as much as I care to explain in detail while staying comprehensible, I can NOT take any responsibility or guarantee of any results or consequences following any of my training, coaching, advice or assistance given in any way, for example, from this website, my social media accounts, private communication channels or in person interactions.
  • I can NOT give any legal advice regarding applicable low and limitation involving any activities such as doing business, trading, taxes, GDPR or anything else beyond the usage of the technology.
  • I keep the right to refuse any request with or without a reason or to stop the coaching and any further contacts at any moment without any responsibility for the cost involved so far (purchase of hardware, subscription to third party service or anything else).

Note that I am able to fully support you in 🇬🇧 English or 🇫🇷 French and I have an average level of 🇩🇪 German if needed.

Please submit your project or inquiry using the form below and I will come back to you within a few days without any obligation.