Change your kids health insurance now

It’s the time of the year, leafs are falling, temperature is dropping, bitcoin price is still going sideways and health insurance prime are skyrocketing like hell (at least if you are a Swiss resident reader). I guess you got spammed already with the topic so I will stay short one week from the deadline. Most people already know that the only reliable and trustful way to compare base insurance cost is the official tool from the government. It’s free, I mean paid by your taxes, and not biased by any ads or preferred partners like most private comparison tools. Go to enter your postal code, deductible (“franchise”) and birth date and you will instantly get the best offer on the market for your profile. If you are alone, it’s easy and straightforward. But as a family, it’s get trickier.

The tool allows you to enter more member of the family, like partner and kids. Easier, enter the birthday and deductible of every member and you get the best offer. But wait, why didn’t I get the same results as when I did the simulation alone? It’s simple, the tool give you the best deal to have all your family under the same insurance company, with the same insurance model. But for most families it’s not the most cost effective scenario, even far from it when you have 3 or more kids. You must redo the simulation for the kids only and then for the adults only, even for each person individually in case you don’t need the same deductible and model.

With this simple trick we saved some hundred Swiss franc per year for the last two years, this year the saving is less than 100 CHF but it all depends on your family situation and place of residence, so it’s worth checking, with this money you can still buy 200 or 300’000 satoshis today, which is a bargain (come back next year to see how much we saved).

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