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This blog is not only about Bitcoin, in fact posts about family, budget and money saving are more popular so far. And I agree, any tips to save money is always welcome, especially for family with small kids that must keep their budget under control. This is the first post of a series about money saving.

I will start with a quite unknown offer from the Swiss Post, despite that it’s been available for several years already, The PostCard Creator App. When I mention this service, most people never heard about it or forgot that it still exist. With this app for Android and iOS, you can turn any digital picture into a physical postcard that is send to any address in the world. And the best is that it’s partially free.

You can send one free postcard per 24h, that will be send in B post in Swizterland with a little ads at the back. Then you must wait 24h to send a new free one. Alternatively, as they try to make some money with the service (the Swiss Post is not a charity), you can send as much as you want in A post without ads for the price 2.10CHF in Switzerland or 3.30 worldwide.

If you have multiple smartphones and SwissPost accounts (that now force you to use the infamous SwissID login, but it’s another story), you can send as many free postcard per day as you have accounts, so don’t hesitate to make one for each family member that has a smartphone. You can even send the postcard to yourself to make a free photos montage in your living room or on the fridge door.

The print quality is not as good as a real photo print but it’s way enough for the usage, beside that I don’t see any downside, the app is easy to use and the ads on free postcard stays quite discreet. Now surprise your family (in Switzerland) with a custom postcard of your best selfie from the beach or start decorating your living room with family pictures for free. You can even be creative, use it to send free Christmas cards, birthday cards or just upload a meme to make a joke to your friend.

More info and link to the app on the official page of The PostCard Creator App.

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