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Manual translation days are counted – Chris J. Davis on Unsplash

DeepL is a good alternative to Google Translate or Bing Translate. It’s free to use within some limits, the service is based in Germany and thus is GDPR compliant but should not be use with any sensitive text, consider what you translate as more or less public. However this is not a FOSS app. Hopefully Open Source alternative exist, like LibreTranslate which can be use for free on their online instance (but recommended only for occasional use as stated) or for more advanced user, can be installed on a server. For Android the app Translate You Libre is available on F-Droid with the Izzy repo and use the free LibreTranslate api. Note that a version of the app named Translate You (thus “non-Libre”) allow you to translate from other source like DeepL or Lingva (which translate your text from Google in a more privacy-friendly way than directly using the official Google app and website).

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