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Password managers are key to a minimum level of security online, especially with the number of accounts increasing exponentially. But what’s the point of storing all these highly sensitive data in one place if it’s just waiting to be leaked in a hack or resell by a misbehaving company.

Smartphone with open source apps and a Lego figure holding a Yubikey

Keepass XC, Keepass2Android or Bitwarden are among the top open source alternative against any proprietary password manager on the market. Keepass XC will not handle the synchronization automatically so you must pair if with Nextcloud or Syncthing to use it on more than one device and ensure backup of the password database but it’s really the best password manager on the market in term of security and privacy. Bitwarden is FOSS and can synchronize the database automatically but by default it uses the developer server to do so and you have the choice between a limited free account or a paid one (only 10$/year) with all functionality. Of course as it’s open source you have always the option to host your own server side of the app and use it completely free without having the encrypted password file saved on someone else server. Even if you choose to use Bitwarden servers to host your database, their reputation and the fact that it’s completely open source makes it already much better than any other options available.
I have a more complete article on password managers to go further in details.

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