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Similarly than YouTube, you have self-hosted app to browse the content from Twitter and Reddit in a more private way. Nitter (for Twitter) and Teddit (for Reddit) are good example. You could also host your own instance by yourseft if you run a server or have a VPS with free resources.

Many open source apps allow to browse Twitter from Android (Twidere, Fritter, Shitter, …), same for Reddit (RedReader, Infinity, Slide,…) search on F-Droid there are many.

Mastodon is an alternative, federated (like PeerTube), network to Twitter. Each instances has its own privacy policy and rules and might or might not communicate with other instances, please select one carefully. A good Swiss instance that respect privacy is, thus you have to pay a small fee to get an account on it but it allows to participate in the governance of the instance which is a great plus. Note that I don’t use, I created my Mastodon account several years ago, before this instance ever existed. Follow me follow @eluc on Mastodon.

Challenge open social media platforms to find a community for anything you love.

Reddit, as a platform for sharing interesting links and topics, has a lot of alternatives with various communities. For example Lemmy (several public instances to choose) or SaidIt which is a clone of the old user interface of Reddit with its own communities. You even have specific topic Reddit-style website like Stacker News for Bitcoin or Hacker News for “Anything that good hackers would find interesting”. If you search you might find many more and maybe one that fit your specific interests and hobbies.

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