Introduction part 1 – The end of the universe, the beginning of a journey

Welcome to my brand new shiny blog. I started a blog to talk and share about some of my passions and life choices. It will be a cross-over of online security and privacy, personal finance with a significant part about cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance as well as Swiss life pro tip from a Swiss parent.

I have spend some free time during these last weeks to write what would end a up as a very long personal introduction but instead of waiting to complete all of it as a single long post that I want to have always highlighted on a dedicated page, I prefer to start right now to feed the beast by splitting it into several introduction posts that might end up merge on a dedicated page at a later stage if it feels more appropriate with time. So let’s start it right now.

Welcome by Belinda Fewings from Unsplash

Once again, a very warm welcome to you reader. It might be just another click for you in a long surfing night or you get the address of this blog from someone, somewhere and you came specifically to look into my new ELUC blog. For me it’s the beginning of a new adventure, I decide to start this blog to express myself on topics I like and care about, especially when I have the feeling that I might bring something to other people, help them with a situation, a project or just everyday life. As I’m a quite open minded as a person, I will keep the blog open on several topics. Not that I will start talking about everything I like; movies, music, video games and so on, but I would not like to close down the blog to very specific and niche topics, and I would not be good at it anyway as I don’t pretend to be a top expert on anything in particular.

This blog is not really about me but as I will write about things that I care about and experiment with, it is necessary to introduce myself somehow. But first, as you will discover, I care a lot about privacy and online privacy especially. That’s why I will not give you all the details about myself and my life, you will not get my real name, neither the exact town I’m living in or other details that might make it very easy for most people to link this blog to my identity. On the other way if you are skilled and willing to spend time trying to find out who I am, you might probably figure out eventually. Privacy is a matter of thread model but I will come back on this in a dedicated post.

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