Introduction part 3 – The need for writing

This post is part of the introduction series. If not read already, I recommend to start with the Introduction part 1

Totally not my keyboard at the time but I like to recall it as nice as this one. Photo by Chris J. Davis from Unsplash.

In the middle of my high school studies, I joined the official newspaper of the school. Already I had a starting passion for writing. It was kind of paradoxical that I loved so much to write on topics I care and like while I my spelling and grammar were not getting the best grades in class. On top of that the lack of serious re-reading by my peers in the newspaper, resulted with my way too long articles being filled with small mistakes. But to be honest, nobody cares about them, beside my French teacher. Note that I was writing in my mother language, French, not like here. Hopefully I improved my French spelling, my English as well as my German more recently. I decide to still write this blog in English to cover a wider audience and I might decide to translate my articles in French if I feel the need for it. I mention the newspaper here not only to introduce my level at languages and excuse in advance all the mistakes that might still stay in my articles on this blog, but because there was another, quite important, anecdote about it. Despite every article were carefully written and reviewed by the newspaper team of students, we end up diverging in our opinion and on some articles. Eventually we rose some eyebrows from the school direction (once again). This time we didn’t want to be censored and the newspaper “president” decided to create his own independent version of the school newspaper, loosing a part of the team in the move and ending with still the official school newspaper, somehow approved by the direction, as a competitor and the unofficial one, sold under the table by the new forked team. We didn’t got much into trouble and were not stopped in our enterprise as far as I can remember but I had the feeling that it was a fair mix of support vs disapproval among students and teachers. I was not leading this initiative but fully support it, this was an exciting and interesting adventure that ended as we were reaching the end of our education in this school. We made some money, that was not owned to the school, so we decide to spend it with the team, it was just enough to eat and drink as much as we could at one of the most expensive Chinese restaurant in the town and it was a memorable evening for the small team. For sure, this kind of experience forge the personality of all strongly involved persons and I’m sure that it was a significant part of my high school education.

The story continues with Introduction part 4 – The online life before Facebook

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