Introduction part 5 – Find your way

This post is part of the introduction series. If not read already, I recommend to start with the Introduction part 1

Soon after I stopped updating my personal website (see Introduction part 4), it was time for me to start university. First I was sure, my way would be in IT and nowhere else. But after open doors day at school and an extra year to think about it due to the doubling of my last high school year (I never pretended to be the best), I end up in engineering, electrical and electronics engineering to be precise. I will not say that I never wonder how I would have end up following the IT path still at the same poly-technical school but with the distance I think that I did the right choice. Not that I want to neglect the IT course but as I said already, I’m not pretending to be an expert in any specific field and I figured out that I don’t want to become (one of) the top expert in anything. I prefer much more to learn as much as I need and as much as I want to, on a lot of topics. Some might be directly related, some not at all and will never be but having this general knowledge about multiple fields, industries and center of interests give me the tools to feel comfortable in my work, life style and passions.

The dusk of electrical engineering. Photo by Karsten Würth from Unsplash.

This lead me into an electrical and electronics engineer career that moved into Product Management. I still work on highly engineered and technical products and coordinate every technical and non-technical aspect of the product. I will not paste my resume here but my tasks range from market study and technical requirement to pricing and product launch with some UX design as well as marketing in between. To fulfill this kind of job, it is crucial to keep a foot in every departments, to have a general overview and set the priorities. This is the kind of role I’m comfortable with and where I can bring the most plus value to my employer. Some might say I tend to know nothing about everything but I prefer that vs knowing everything about nothing, because as far as you can be the top expert in one specific niche, you might still be unable to understand how to apply your technology to something that will have a meaning to other, that will help people go forward. If you let me reword the gimmick in my way, I prefer to know just as much as I need and want about everything I need and want.

The introduction continue with Introduction part 6 – Extra Life Under Control

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