Introduction part 6 – Extra Life Under Control

This post is part of the introduction series. If not read already, I recommend to start with the Introduction part 1

I was born and grow up under the era where internet was born. Later called Web 1.0. Then I was a student growing up and learning a lot during the Web 2.0 revolution. Today we are still at the beginning of the Web 3.0. Even if it started like 10 years ago, around 2010, the Web 2.0 is still dominant in the landscape in 2021. One of the main reason is that behind Web 2.0 are the most powerful companies in the world, the GAFAM or as I like to write, the internet MAFiA for Microsoft, Alphabet (Google’s mother company), Facebook, i for Apple and their iAnything and Amazon. When they build Web 2.0, they had almost no one to fight against, everything was to be created or at least improved and they did by centralizing as much as possible in order to make data collection as easy as possible (was it the core purpose or the consequence, we might never be sure). Now Web 3.0 want to get back to the root of internet by decentralizing again the data and giving by control to the users. But Web 3.0 is mainly driven by enthusiast, startup and disenchanted Web 2.0 millionaires sick of the current state of internet that decide to quit their high ranking position to start doing better with their time and money. The Web 3.0 revolution will take time, probably a lot of time, as more and more people get fully dependent of all their Web 2.0 services. In this fight, the tech giants from the MAFiA are doing everything to keep control of their products (you are the product) as well as (some) politics and governments collaborating and protecting in order to control the electorate and the population. I know, only a few years ago, it would have sound completely paranoiac but these last years this has been proven many times and the EU took a long time to start to regulate a little bit the situation with the GDPR. I will probably come back on this with a longer post, thus the topic has been addressed already many times on the web, in books and documentaries (I strongly recommand The Social Dilemma among many others).

Personally I prefer to listen to the Swedish House Mafia than giving all my data to this MAFiA.

Didn’t you had the feeling that you are addicted to your smartphone? Addicted to social network? You are eager to check what is this new notification you just got? Maybe you are wondering why, thinking that is the way you are, you just love these apps so much, your life depend on this community or this service. But most of the time it’s just these apps that make you addicted because the more you use them, the more they learn about you and the more money they can extract from your data. I will write several article on this blog to help you getting back the control of your data that are part of your private life. Reduce you social media and smartphone consumption or at least increase the quality you get out of it. Get back your free time to spend it on better activities and quality reading that really bring you joy and meaningful in your life. I want you to get back an Extra Life Under Control.

This introduction continue with Introduction part 7 – Living your extra life the way you want

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